Capability and Characteristic 

This machine is a newly created full-automatic closed intermittent capsule filling machine with multiple tamping stations.It completes the following process with above two kinds of granules:feeding capsule,detaching capsule, filling, ejecting defective capsule,closing capsule, discharging finished capsule automatically.This machine has advantages of accurate orientation,freely adjusting dosage and high finished rate.It is suitable for full automatically filling powder,pellets into capsule.This machine has passed the provincial technical appraisal and meets the requirement of "GMP" standard. There are two types:the basic type and improved Man-Monitoring-interface type.The improved type plus the touching screen, PLC, intelligent module and fiber sensor etc,and adopt imported components,so it has advantages of easy operation,high automation,and stable runnig.It performs following functions: 
1.There are manual operation interface for trial run and automatically monitoring interface for normal run.
2.Automatic detect and diagnoses of lack of material,empty capsule and block in material channel and other mechanical trouble, make alarm and stop automatically. 3.Displaying in-time speed and accumulative output. On the base of model NJP-1200B,model NJP-1200C is equipped with imported components:motor reducer,vacuum pump,graduator  


Productivity 1200pcs/min
Size of Capsule 00#-5#
Power supply  380V 50Hz 3-phase 4-wire 
Power Total 5.79KW
Water supply Supplied with circulation water box.Exterior water Supply can also be connected,water flow250L/h,0.4MPa 
Dust collector Capacity 110m3/h,Vacuum degree16.67KPa,380v,2.2kw 
Overall dimensions 970×800×(1870+300)mm
Weight 1400Kg
Filling Percentage >99.5%
Dosing Precision <±4%
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