DPP-250LSL -The Flat Panel Type Blister Packager

Capability and Characteristics

         Based on German and Italian machinery etc. this machine is newly created, which used in foodstuff and pharmaceuticals, and its function meets the international standards. It is used for pharmacy, foodstuff, medical apparatus, sealing packing capsule, tablet, big honeyed pill, chocolate, injector, transfusion tube, pinhead, electric unit etc. It also can moisture proof and dust proof.
1. Compact configuration/calm run/easy/manipulation/convenient maintenance.
2. Heating cylinder sealing: the cylinder increase the check board automatically for fear of the distortion of bubble caused by the radiation on machine stopping and which release the pressure at the same time to lengthen the life of machine.
3. The modularization of station: the forming station, heating-sealing station, pressing, cutting all are modularized. Every station can be adjusted freely by hand wheel and be indicated by index and scale to improve the efficiency of commissioning of machine and save packing material and make commissioning more scientific.
4. The common machine adopts touch panel system, easy to operate.
5. Intelligence and information management: Adopting PLC, modularization, intelligence management and controlled by Human-Machine-Interface in the traditional pivotal electrical unit to improve the class of product and enlarge the information memory.

Punch of Frequency

20-45 times/min


7.2-23.6 thousand pieces/hour

Max. forming area and forming depth

120 X 240 mm / 26 mm

Range of working travel

30-120 mm

Width and thickness of PVC and PTP

PVC: 0.15-0.45 X 250 mm
PTP: 0.02-0.03 X 250 mm


Three phases   Four wires

Total power

6 KW

Air consumption

≥ 0.38 mᶾ/min

Cooling of mold

Tap water or cycling water, 60 L/H

Overall dimension of machine

(LXWXH) 3650 X 825 X 1725 mm

Dimension of packaging case

(LXWXH) 3800 X 1050 X 1900 mm


1500 kg

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